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Wellspring…alternate blocks

When I left you last week, I had completed all of the larger whirlwind blocks….

Now it was time to fill in those spaces with pinwheel blocks. The first step was to cut out all of the pieces needed for a particular colorway (remember that I have THREE different strip sets/colorways for each block)….

I spent a LOT of time drawing lines down the pieces….

…and then sewing on each side of the line…..

Some of these were left as half-square triangles, but some were sewn one more time to make quarter-square triangles….

It was fun to sew these pieces into the inside pinwheel….

Once again, I tried to be careful with matching the seams and points…..

When I was pressing these blocks I decided to try “spinning my seams” and, unlike my imaginings, I found it to be easy and to make the blocks lie SO much flatter….

At some point, I will add a Terrific Tip Tuesday post to show how to do this!!

When the block bits were all made, it was time to start sewing the sections together…..

When they were all put together, I added a border, and VOILA…..

The Top Was FINISHED!!!!

You guessed it, quilting comes next!!

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