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2023….What will it bring?

Yesterday I posted about the “State of my Studio”, talking about the work I finished in 2022.

While that was fun, I thought you should see the photo of the actual “STATE OF THE STUDIO”…….

Normally it isn’t quite this bad, but this is just a reflection of the fun things that are going on here at the end of the year and, hopefully, an indication of what is to come in the new year!!

What are those new and fun things? (I am SURE that I heard you ask that question)!!

Well, let me tell you!!!

First of all, I am working on an online course that will be released soon…..

It is a series of videos designed to help you MASTER the use of a Straight Edge Quilting ruler. I think that you will be amazed at what you can do with such a simple tool!!

February is a crazy month, starting with the judging days for our local guild quilt show. I LOVE to be involved in this and especially enjoy hearing the judge’s comments as they work. It will be a tiring and exciting two days!!

Later in that same week, I will be attending QuiltCon!! I am looking forward to taking two classes while I am there. The first is a precision piecing class and the second is using different threads and doing matchstick quilting!!

BUT, the big attraction will be to see my quilt, “Star Explosion” hang at the show!! I spent an inordinate amount of time clipping and trimming stray threads and shipped it off…..

I do hope that the judges like it!!

The week following QuiltCon is my local guild show and I am the Show Chairman. I know that it will be hectic but the show setup day is one of my favorite times in our guild. Everyone comes together and works hard and we have SO much fun!!

Back in October, I signed up for the Modern Quilt Guild Mini Swap…..

I “met” by swap-mate…..Christine from Moruya, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA!!!” She doesn’t live very far from where Michael and I lived when we were there in the 1980’s.

Her quilt is supposed to be finished by February 15th, so I better get started. I have one weekend in January set aside for doing NOTHING but that quilt. If only I had an idea of what I was going to do!!

Other projects for 2023 include the Monarch Challenge from Cherrywood Fabrics, due on June 15th…..

Currently, the only thought that I have is to use some of the green fabrics to make a “Bargello” type background.

Then there is the carpet challenge that I have set for myself……

AND, as always, I am excited about attending my guild’s two retreats and finally the International Quilt Festival in November.

On the quilt guild speaking front…..I already have four guild presentations booked for 2023 and am hoping that those continue to multiply!!

Michael and I did not do a lot of traveling in 2022, but 2023 looks to change that.

Michael is working on another conservation book and we currently have trips booked to South Africa in June and Pakistan in October!! Among other things, we will get to work with Black and White Rhinos on the first trip and will be seeing some amazing sites in the mountains of Pakistan as well.


I can’t wait to get to next December 31st and be able to reminisce about everything that happened this year!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year’s day and a GREAT 2023……

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