It’s Spring… least in theory!!!

Like most of the rest of the nation, we have had a LONG, LONG, LONG winter, made even harder by the fact that, at heart,  I am a sun baby.   I enjoy the sun, the warmth and the wearing of shorts, skirts and sandals!!

So, once the days started warming up I was happy to see that the bulbs I had planted last Fall were starting to come up……


One thing that I LOVE about this house is that there is a lot of yard, but this is the only flower bed and it is a size that I can definitely handle!!!


Now I cant wait to see which of my perennials from last year made it thru the hard winter!!

Spring is popping up all over….


I am amazed at how quickly the flowers are coming up this year.  It looks as if Winter is over (what little Winter we had), but I am still concerned that we might have one last cold snap before it is all over.

Here are a few photos from around my house…..

The Dogwood tree has been gorgeous…..



This lovely Iris is a gift from a good friend.  It is fun to think about her when I see these blooms  (thanks Kris!!)…_3255899

This plant just gets bigger and bigger……

_3255901 _3255909

These tulips remind me of several years ago when my daughter’s Dog was just a puppy……


I really cant believe that the Elephant Ears are coming up.  They normally wait until the first of June!!!   Last year I add a lot of soil and mulch to these bulbs and obviously it was a good thing…._3255912

The ferns are starting to emerge…..


Unfortunately the weeds are also starting to show out which means that I should spend more time in the yard and less in my studio.  We will see which wins out!!!

Welcome Spring


I have a love/hate relationship with the season of Spring!!!   I adore watching the rapid growth of everything green and live for the breaking forth of blossoms and flowers. 

However, when Spring truly hits, I am normally in the later stages of my income tax work.  But this is good you might say.   It is good, but by this point I am just ready to get it over with and to get on with life!!!!

So, today I had to get away from my desk and take a walk around the yard….one of the nice things about working from home.   Here are some of the views……

Azaleas produce a gorgeous flower and are beautiful for about 2 weeks, but unfortunately the flowerless shrubs are butt-ugly!!!_4042191

But I guess that I can forgive them when they look this wonderful…..


I love these tulips…..

_4042184 _4042186 P4020416

……and they remind me of 4 years ago when my daughter had just adopted her new puppy, Marley.    Marley LOVED the tulips, but for an entirely different reason……


The Dogwood Tree is gorgeous……


Oh well, enough time away from the desk…….back to work!!!