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Spring is popping up all over….


I am amazed at how quickly the flowers are coming up this year.  It looks as if Winter is over (what little Winter we had), but I am still concerned that we might have one last cold snap before it is all over.

Here are a few photos from around my house…..

The Dogwood tree has been gorgeous…..



This lovely Iris is a gift from a good friend.  It is fun to think about her when I see these blooms  (thanks Kris!!)…_3255899

This plant just gets bigger and bigger……

_3255901 _3255909

These tulips remind me of several years ago when my daughter’s Dog was just a puppy……


I really cant believe that the Elephant Ears are coming up.  They normally wait until the first of June!!!   Last year I add a lot of soil and mulch to these bulbs and obviously it was a good thing…._3255912

The ferns are starting to emerge…..


Unfortunately the weeds are also starting to show out which means that I should spend more time in the yard and less in my studio.  We will see which wins out!!!

One thought on “Spring is popping up all over….

  1. The dogwood is just beautiful. Lovely Spring photos. The grass seems to growing as quickly as the weeds at the moment after glorious weather here all week. It is set to change for the weekend though.

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