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Rolling down the River

I know that it really isn’t Kosher to post about challenges before they are due, but if I don’t write about it now I am afraid that I will forget what I did.  Oh well……

My “Fiber Frenzy” group decided several months ago that we would join the hoard of groups who are making “River” Quilts.   The idea is that we will each make our own quilt and then hang them all side by side to make one long river.

The rules (and due date) have changed several times, but the final plan was to make a quilt somewhere between 12 and 30 inches, with the a river (between 2 and 4 inches)  touching each side of the quilt.

I had SO many ideas and started out by drawing a basic shape and starting to try different things.  My first drawings were very structured and I was thinking solely about piecing…Scan_Pic0013


Then two things happened at about the same time.  Firstly, my friend Deb mentioned the “F” (fusing) word and secondly, I caught a glimpse of this picture in a book (“Adventures in Mixed Media” by Jane Davies)……


As soon as I saw it, I could picture a river running thru the trees, so my drawings became less structured and more fluid…..


……to be continued…..

One thought on “Rolling down the River

  1. A really interesting challenge. This does lend itself to fusing and I am really liking the way that your designs are developing.

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