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Going with the flow…..


As I read about the piece the I showed in the previous post, I found out that the background was made by fusing roving to a background fabric using a product called “Bo-Nash”.

Bo-Nash is a “salt-like” granule that is used to mend fabrics or fuse other fabrics together.  Now let me say that every time I have tried to google this product, my computer has detected a virus attack….not sure what is up with that….

Anyway, here is a picture of the product…..

bonashStarterL I mostly followed the instructions in the book but make a few changes here and there. 

I started out by drawing a full size pattern to work from.  I then covered it with a piece of fine fusible interfacing with the fusible facing upward.  I then took a skein of fine white wool and spread out a thin base on top of the fusible.  Next step was to begin added the dyed wool to complete the picture……


I pulled out one set of roving to use for the mountains, but quickly found that they didn’t look all that great…..

DSC02508 So I switched to a purple hued set and was much happier with the composition…..


Next came the river, adding a little Angelina fiber and topping it off with a silk cap piece that I had bought in Australia and then finally the grassy bits.

This is how it looked at this point…..DSC02524

I set up a newspaper foundation and placed the piece on the floor, sprinkled on the Bo-nash powder, covered with parchment paper and started ironing…..


Here was my first view of it…..DSC02534-1 Eh… it was ok.

But then I added some “trees” to see how it might look and……

DSC02533 …..wow did that make a difference to the perspective!!

A good place to stop for the evening……

2 thoughts on “Going with the flow…..

  1. Interesting results and I especially like the way it will look with some trees added. I am puzzled as to why you need the Bo-nash as well as you were already laying the pieces on fusible interfacing?

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