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A little River Rafting

On Saturday morning I headed back into the studio but decided that I should clean up the previous day’s mess before I started…


How does it get this way so quickly????

I realized that I was going to have to add some threadwork to the wool roving to further hold them in place, but first decided to add a heavier piece of fusible fabric to the back to give it a more stable base.

As I began the quilting, I recognized that I was going to have to switch from the open-toed foot that I normally used because the wool wisps would get caught on the points…..

DSC02539 DSC02540

Using the closed toe foot made the quilting easier, but caused another problem because it is so hard to pull the bobbin thread to the top.  SO I decided to not worry about the bottom threads and to just clip them, leaving about 1 inch of thread.  I figured that these would not show in the final piece and that leaving the extra bobbin thread on the back might help hold the stitches better.

As I started to do the threadwork, I got really nervous about what pattern to use so I printed out several copies of the piece and auditioned  each stitch design before I put the piece under the needle…. Scan_Pic0009

It was a Fun, Fun afternoon of stitching and the final result was ……


Final step will be to fuse the trees on, but the question still remains of how many, what size and what color…..

Decisions, decisions, decisions……

2 thoughts on “A little River Rafting

  1. I really love the difference that the quilting has made. I too keep a closed foot for things like this – so annoying when things get caught up.

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