Why didn’t I think of that?

Don’t you hate it when you struggle with something over and over and then you see the solution and wonder….

WHY OH WHY didn’t I think of that?

My problem was bobbin storage!!

Several years ago I had been given a “Mini Stash and Store” and I loved it for holding my often-needed tools…..

The problem was this stack of partially filled bobbins sitting in front of the storage unit…..

We ALL know just how unruly these can get!!

While scrolling thru Facebook one day I saw a photo that showed the bobbins being corralled on a straw stuck into the “Stash and Store”…….

What a brilliant idea…..

So now my bobbins are secure and my storage area is much less scary!!!

What is your bobbin storage method?? Please share!!

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Cleaning out the batting!!

In all the 35 years that I have been quilting, I have NEVER worried much about how my batting was stored. Any leftover cuts just got tossed into the corner of the closet and, when I needed some for a new quilt, I would rifle thru them until I found one that would fit.

But, in the last few years, I started measuring the leftovers and marking how big each piece was…..

It was a good idea…..or rather PART of a good idea!!

There were two problems….. first of all, when you use safety pins to attach the size paper, bad things can happen…..

After this mishap, I got smart and just used the post-it note wrapped around the tie…..

The next step was to make a listing of the battings that I have on hand. Instead of writing it down on a piece of paper that I would lose, I went to my task board and dedicated a corner to battings…..

Now I just have to remember to mark them off when I use them!!

The final step was to bag up the smaller rolls and clean up my storage…..

I didn’t have a photo of “before” but I can GUARANTEE you that it looks SO much better!!

Now to get back to making quilts that can use up those bats!!!

Storage Solution

As I have increased my stash of machine quilting rulers, finding a way to store them has become problematic. Originally I had them in the bottom drawer of the storage unit next to my machine. That worked fine, but it was almost impossible to find the ONE ruler that I wanted to work with.

I put the question on the “Quilting with Rulers” Facebook group and they provided a number of possibilities but none of them was the perfect solution. Then I started searching on Amazon and found the perfect solution for the smaller rulers…..

They fit well and I noted the type of ruler on each of the tabs so they will be easy to find and easy to return to their spot…..

Even better is that the files can be securely closed…..

….and fit flat in my drawer…..

The few longer rulers fit well on the other side of the drawer.


Thread Storage


My local JoAnne’s shop recently had all of their threads on sale for 50% off, so I took my Gutermann list in and filled in the gaps.  I had also bought some Sulky Blendables from my local shop and I was in desperate need of thread storage.

I have used the Sulky Storage Boxes for my Gutermann threads and really like that I can open them up flat and see all of the threads at one time. 

fullsize I have two of these mostly filled, so need to buy one more to finish out my collection.  I will wait until I get a Hancock’s online coupon before I order it.

Now comes the decision of  how to store all of the other odd sized spools of thread.  I bought one thread holder (for $25), but it was big and bulky. 

Instead, I remembered a blog post that I read and went to Walmart and bought a plastic storage box that is used for Matchbox Cars.

For $6 I got a wonderful box that holds lots of threads…..


….AND….this is only one side….there is another equally large set of compartments on the other side of the box.