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Day 14 – Tuesday, May 8th

I started the morning with a walk around Christchurch Meadow. I ran into the goslings that I saw the first morning I was here. They have really grown….probably doubled in size in one week. I cant wait to watch them as they grow. There were lots of groups “Crewing” on the river. From looking at it, I think that it might have been a class that was meeting. There was a guy on the opposite bank riding a bike and using a megaphone to talk to the groups in the boats. It was interesting to see how hard it was to turn around the LONG boat in such a small river channel. It took about 4 or 5 minutes to maneuver it.

I didn’t do much except walk to the train station to get our London trip set up for Thursday. I did stop by the library and picked up two books that were suggested when we were at “High Table”.
The first is a history of Merton College and the second is a novel that was set in the house that we are living in. They are both pretty dense books, so I am not sure that I will get through them, but will at least have a peak.

A good part of my day was spent dealing with US stuff. Apparently someone made a counterfeit Discover card with our number and has been using it in Michigan!!!! So, not only did I have to deal with Discover, I also had to either call or get online and change all of our automatic payments that go thru the card. I am VERY thankful for Discover’s diligence!!! Also, I have been talking to Cingular (almost daily) trying to get my cell phone unlocked so that I can use a British Sim card and have a British cell phone number. Every time I have talked to them, they have given me some OTHER piece of advice, so I finally took matters in my own hands and have taken my phone to someone here to unlock. I hope that it works and that it doesn’t ruin my phone, but we will see.

We have had fun watching the ducks that inhabit our courtyard. We watched them walk (not fly) out the gate by our house, across the street and through the gate at Merton college. Who knows where they went from there. It was funny to watch the tourists stop and take photos of them as they crossed the street and hopped through the gates.

The night ended with a new show in the “Midsomer Murders” series that we enjoy.

The photos are from our kitchen and courtyard.

One thought on “Day 14 – Tuesday, May 8th

  1. Seeing Mike in the kitchen doing dishes–staged picture or not-it’s up to the reader to decide!Looks like you are in a real house and not some old English bungalow like I’ve pictured in my mind.Sorry you’re dealing with the credit card stuff-must be a pain over the seas!!

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