Day 15 – Wednesday, May 9th

Today was another quiet day. It rained and was cold, so I decided to spend the day working on my current quilt project. It is coming along nicely, even though my new sewing machine will only go ONE speed!!

Since I am in a Britain, I decided to switch my breakfast habits to British ones and had toast with peanut butter and honey for breakfast!!! It was quite nice.

When I walked this morning (before the rain started), I came across the cows in Christchurch Meadow. We had heard a cute story about them the other day. Apparently Oxford University wanted to take this land away from Christchurch College and develop it, but the college objected. So, they elected the cows as “Fellows” of Christchurch College and as such they could not be evicted. Sounds crazy, but this IS England.

I spent even more time with Cingular and now have my cell phone unlocked, but it is not currently working with the British Sim card. I will have to call again tomorrow and see if I can get it fixed.

We leave for London in the morning, and I am not sure about internet access, but will post as I can.

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