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Day 19 – Sunday, May 13th

Today we traveled back to Oxford on the national rail system. It took us a while to figure out how to get to the rail station because of the tube lines that were closed, but we finally got there.

We went to Merton Chapel at 5:45 and then had dinner at High Table afterwards. The menu was very different from last week, but was wonderful!!! We started with Salmon Tartare served on Avocado slices. Then came Chicken with Brandy and Tarragon Sauce, served with roast potatoes and carrots. Dessert was Warm Chocolate and Raspberry Torte served with Vanilla and Cassis Mascarpone (it was wonderful, even if I can’t pronounce it). This was followed by Cheese and Biscuits, fruit and chocolate, and tea/coffee. We stayed about an hour later than last week because we were talking with the woman who is the Warden of Merton College. She is organizing a dinner and reception to be held after Michael does his talk in two weeks time. I was not planning to attend the talk, but she said that “I MUST”!!! One of the students told me that there would be Port and Chocolates, so it would be worth my while to attend!!!

I am impressed with the ability of the professors and students to engage in conversation with total strangers with whom have nothing in common. We have been made to feel extremely welcomed here!!!!

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