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Day 20 – Monday, May 14th

Today was another quiet day. Michael spent most of the day at work, and I spent time working on my quilt and getting various travel related things organized. It is amazing how much time it takes to get everything set up. As an example, I spent over an hour figuring out which bus to take to get to the quilt meeting that I wanted to go to, but the actual trip only took SIX minutes. I did attend a “Stitch and Chat” session of the Oxfordshire Quilters Group in the evening. There were 15 or so women present and they were all very nice. They gave me lots of information about the upcoming quilt show in Malvern and one girl even offered to let me ride with her, so I am looking forward to that on Friday. The rain continued most of the day, but fortunately it had subsided by the time I set out on my journey.

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