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Day 50 – Wednesday, June 13th

The book and it’s author!!

A final view of our funky house.

The gargoyle that we see from our living room window…..is he making a statement about us being Americans?

Another gargoyle from our window

The view from our bathroom window. I will miss seeing this when I brush my teeth every morning!!!

This was the day to pack and clean, and do all of the little things that we had planned to do but hadn’t gotten around to yet!!!

Delta had changed the times of our flights several times, the last one moving our departure to an earlier time, so Michael called to see if we could get on a later flight out of London. The person that he talked to was out of London and agreed that it was too early of a flight for us, so he not only changed us (free of charge) to a later flight, but also put us on a Non-Stop flight!!! We are not dreading the flight nearly so much now.

We did go out and eat lunch at a small outdoor café and then walked to the “Oxford University Press” Bookshop to take a photo of Michael with his book. On the first day that we went into the shop, his book was one of the ones that was specially displayed!!

We also sat out in our private garden and enjoyed the last of the nice weather.

In the evening, we caught a bus to the town of Abingdon (about 20 minutes away) and met with Michael’s publisher and his wife. Ian and Inaca Sherman invited us into their home and then took us to a “pub” that served French food!! We had a wonderful meal with them and then Ian drove us home (almost). There are tons of areas in Oxford where private cars cant drive, so he dropped us off about half a mile from our house and we strolled home from there. It was a great walk, as it was the first time that we had seen Oxford that late at night. We noticed that all of the pubs were closed and that things were pretty quiet, even though it was only about 11:30.

From the local newspaper……Basket Cases….. A council has banned hanging baskets in the village of Burton Joyce, after branding them “dangerous”. Resident, Christina Lindley said: “It’s ridiculous. We never had a problem before”.

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