Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

Day 51 – Thursday, June 14th

A nice beer delivery guy!!

Wouldn’t you love to live in this house!!!

The needlepoint kneeling pads

ONE of Ros’ design walls. Look at the beautiful fabrics that she has dyed using indigo dyes!!

One of her sampler quilts, using her own hand-dyed fabrics.

Michael very nicely stayed in Oxford and finished the last of our errands while I took the bus to the town of Thame (pronounced Tame) and visited with Ros Crouch (one of the quilters that I had met previously).

As Michael was walking me to the bus stop, we saw a delivery van in front of one of the big pubs and a man unloading lots of barrels of beer. I stopped to take a photo, with the delivery guy bending over one of the barrels. He stood up and laughingly asked if we had gotten his best side, and then he posed for yet another photo.

Ros met me at the bus stop and gave me a tour around the village of Thame. From all that I have seen, it is a typical small English town, complete with a main street containing pubs, tea rooms, grocery stores and lots of small shops. We visited a local church and I took yet more photos. One thing that I enjoyed seeing were the kneeling pads that were on the backs of the chairs. I have seen many like these in other churches and read several notices thanking the local embroidery guild’s for providing them.

I was interested to see a drum set in one corner of the church. Ros commented that this was a “happy, clappy church”……I loved that description!!!

As we were leaving, we asked the ladies in the church a question and another gentleman started answering the question. He said “to briefly explain” and then proceeded to talk for 5+ minutes!!! Ros and I were both edging out the door as he kept following us. Ros said “at least you got to meet a local character”.

We walked to Ros’ house and had lunch with her husband Eric. After lunch another quilter named Gill joined us and we had a wonderful time talking and looking at Ros’ quilts.

I caught the 4pm bus back to Oxford. We had planned to cook our dinner that night, but instead opted for a final meal at our favorite Thai restaurant.

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