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Day 52 – Friday, June 15th

Saying Farewell!!!

We woke up at 4am this morning and immediately heard the pouring rain. This was a problem as we had to walk to the bus stop while carrying all of our suitcases and computer cases. However, by the time we were ready to leave, the rain had cleared and the skies were blue.

We caught our bus to Gatwick Airport and then the plane to Atlanta. We were early getting into Atlanta, but it took a long time to get through customs. It was great to finally walk out into the airport and see Jenny waiting to drive us home.

What a joy to see our house, our cat, Jenny’s puppy, and our bed!!! It is funny the things that you miss when you are gone.

As we have talked about this trip, there are several things that we will miss in the months to come. They include the “Merton Mallards” (ducks that lived in the courtyard by our house), Church Bells at ALL hours of the day and night, the view from our bathroom and kitchen windows, a good public transport system, walking to dinner and church and everywhere else too

As with anyplace, there are a few things that we will NOT miss. These include not having trash cans in any public places (they removed them to keep bomb threats down), the loudness of Merton street (especially the street cleaner that cleaned just outside or bedroom window every morning at 5am), the lack of “sunny spells”, the shower head that only put out a few drops of water at a time, Paris Hilton on the news EVERYDAY, having 2 sets of stairs in our house, and only have 5 TV channels!!

We really cant believe that it has been 52 days since we began this trip. Michael has accomplished so much during this time, including giving 8 talks, meeting with MANY scientists, revising a manuscript and writing a lot on his new book Here is the final count for the trip…… We visited 12 churches, 21 museums, 13 castles and other attractions, 3 bridges, 4 pubs, 2 plays and 1 sporting event!!! We have SO many memories to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

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