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Day 26 – Saturday, November 15th

Mystery Bay

Note the lacy effect of the rock and the 3 flies on my back!!!!

All Saints Church

Dinner at Malibu Mex

Michael and I began our day once again with a walk. As we left he asked if I wanted to take a camera with us. I said no because “we were JUST going for a walk”. Well it was a bad decision because we had opportunities to take up close photos of a Kookaburra and also some Rainbow Lorikeet. I was SO frustrated!!!!

After breakfast, we took out driving with our first stop being at a local market in Moruya. It was a small parking lot filled with tents and other structures and each selling something of interest, from fresh prawns to jams, to leather goods. I did succumb and purchase a small bag of “Anzac Bickies”. I remembered these from our previous days and they were exactly as I remembered. They are a type of oatmeal cookie but they have “Golden Syrup” in them and I haven’t found a American substitute for it yet.

As we were heading to our next stop, we passed the “All Saints Church” in Bodalla. It is an impressive granite church that was built in 1880. As it was open, we enjoyed poking around inside and photographing various aspects of the building. It was interesting to see that there was a wedding taking place there at 3:00 and I was extremely surprised to not see a flurry of activity taking place only 5 hours before the wedding. Apparently they got everything done because we drove past again just after 3:00 and the photographer’s were outside waiting for the Bride to arrive.

Our next stop was the town of Cobargo (pronounced Co-bog-o — no “r” sound). We were looking for a place to check email and were excited to see a sign indicating that there was an Internet Café. The building was called the “Whistle Stop Café” was attached to an old City of Sydney railway car and the “internet café” was the cab of the train car. It had an OLD computer in it and the girl in charge couldn’t get the internet to work so we finally gave up and decided to sit down for lunch instead. We enjoyed the potato and leek soup and Devonshire tea immensely, but found it paled in the wake of watching a small field mouse run around the train car and then watching a fly that landed in Michael’s uneaten whipped cream and got stuck there!! Obviously the café was not big in the hygiene department!!!

We went shopping again, this time to a really fun pottery shop. We could have spent tons of money, but were good and only bought a couple of items…..AT FIRST. However, after thinking about it for a few more shops, Michael went back in and bought a granite mortar and pestle that was not expensive, but weighs about TWENTY pounds. It will be interesting to figure out how to pack it!!!

We then drove to the Eurobodella National Park and visited Mystery Bay. This had a very craggy shoreline with all types of rock outcrops on it. Michael spent a fair time photographing the various types of rocks and pools formed by the water moving in and out of them. It was a beautiful place, but certainly no place for a swim.

As we were driving back to the caravan park, we passed a group of people doing a dog training course and Ruth suggested that we stop and watch for a while. We were all enamored with a little white dog who was undoubtedly the smartest of all of them…..when they were off of the leash and following their master, he would only go about half of the way down the track and then turn around and wait for them to come back to him. He knew that they were coming back and that there was NO reason for him to go all of that way!!!

When we got back to the cabin, there was a note on the door that a friend from Canberra, Brenton Honeyman, had stopped by for a visit and was currently out on the lake in his Kayak. Ruth called him and he paddled over for afternoon tea and a wonderful chat. He also stayed and went to dinner with us. Dinner was a wonderful experience at a place called “Malibu Mex”. According to the menu, it was a mixture of the owner’s two favorite things…..surfing and mexican food. The decor was entirely 1960’s California beach and the food was excellent. Michael and I shared a platter that included a Beef Enchilada, Chicken Enchilada, Tostada, Taquito, Taco, Beans and Rice. When he learned that we liked hot food, he brought out two other forms of hot sauce….one was a medium sauce and the other was very hot….both tasted great. We especially enjoyed one item on the menu. It said Tea – English Breakfast, Earl Gray or Herbal Hippy Crap!!!!

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