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Day 27 – Sunday, November 16th

Hotel at Berry…you probably cant see it, but the guys at the corner are holding their beer up for him to see….remember that it is 10:30 in the morning!!

Blow Hole Point

Eve’s family

Today was a fairly uneventful day as we traveled from Tuross Heads to Sydney, following the Coastal Highway for much of the day. Our first stop was in the town of Berry where we had morning tea (scones, jam and cream) and then did a small amount of shopping.

We had always loved the look and feel of the small towns of Australia. They have one main street, with old architectural style buildings on each side, with wonderful shops and cafes inside them. There is always at least one Hotel which is the formal name for the Pub. The reason for this is that in the old days, you couldn’t sell alcohol unless you had a place that people could sleep, so most of the hotels had a pub under them.

After our huge morning tea, we drove for about 20 minutes further and stopped in the town of Kiama at “Blow Hole Point”. This was a huge tourist attraction and the place was filled with cars and people. The Blow Hole itself is quite spectacular, especially when the waves have built and a large one comes roaring out of the hole in the rock. We watched for about 10 minutes, but it was cold and starting to sprinkle so we jumped back in the car and continued our journey.

We saw two things along the road that were noteworthy. The first was that McDonald’s is about the only nationwide food chain and people call it Macca’s. We had heard the term used and thought that it was just a common name, but today we saw several stores that were actually called Macca’s. Also we saw a cute Mitsubishi RUV and written across the back window was “Miss-a-bitchy”….I will never be able to say the name again without thinking of that.

We arrived in Sydney about 2:30 and spent the afternoon relaxing around the Eve’s house. At 6:30, we drove to their daughter, Linda’s, house for dinner with the Eve’s family. Linda outdid herself, making 3 different types of pizza, including one that was Cajun Prawn and was wonderful. All of Danny and Ruth’s kids were there…..Matthew, Ben and his wife Melissa and Linda with her husband Tim. Ben spent much of the evening explaining the rules of Rugby League which was being played on TV.

They were celebrating Danny’s birthday so Linda made a chocolate cake for him, Vanilla Slice for me and a White Chocolate Cheesecake as well. It was hard to decide what to have for dessert!!

We had a wonderful time with all of the family and returned to Danny and Ruth’s home about 11:30. Matthew came home with us and we sat and talked to him until after midnight…..we are really TOO old for this!!!!

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