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THE FIRST POST…..hopefully many to follow

I have decided that today is the day to start keeping a “quilting and other stuff” diary and publish it as a blog. Wish me luck!!!!!

This past Fall I had a conversation with some friends about how many Unfinished Projects we each had hidden away in our quilting studios. I responded that “I don’t have very many” and then started wondering whether or not I had just told a fib. As I started trying to list them in my mind, I realized that there were actually quite a few. So, 2 weeks ago I cleaned out my studio from top to bottom and found ALL of my UFO’s…..I was shocked at how many there were.

I started to make a list of them and then realized that I had done this many times before and would promptly put the list somewhere where I could forget about it. So, I got the idea to make the list in a different way this time. I got out my camera and photographed each of the projects, along with any fabrics or other stuff that I had put aside for it. Then I printed out two sheets of paper with nine photos on each paper (that’s right…..18 UFO’s) and pinned it to the cork board in my studio.

The plan is that I will slowly work thru them and mark them off of the list as I go. We will see how well it goes!!!!

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