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UFO Number 1

I decided that the first of the UFO’s that I would tackle would be a small wall hanging that was started in a class several years ago. The workshop was given by Debbie Frey and used the “Scrap Happy Spools” pattern. I had selected shades of blue for the piece and had only finished 2-1/2 of the 12 blocks needed for the top.

I truly enjoyed spending an evening finishing the squares and setting them together to make a cute small quilt. I dont particularly care for paper piecing, but found this project to be fun. As I stitched, I decided to give the quilt as a gift to a wonderful friend who wants to make quilts, but cant find the time at the moment.

I needed to quilting to be fast and easy so chose a variegated blue thread and did a free form swirl over the surface.

I am pleased with the result and my friend loved it!!!

One UFO down and 17 more to go!!!!

One thought on “UFO Number 1

  1. Frances, it’s a wonderful blog! I’ll especially visit it for motivation when I’m feeling lazy and need some giddy-up…you’re a great motivator! Your “No Barriers” and Eiffel Tower quilts have wonderful dimension that I could not see close-up. Thanks for putting me on your blog list.

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