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The second UFO is a Christmas piece that I had started back in September, planning to take it to Australia to give to my hosts there. Unfortunately, the next day I found out that I had to have abdominal surgery which pretty much put me out of commission for the rest of the Fall, so I didn’t get it finished in time for the trip.

This piece has a moral to it….. I made the red blocks first and thought that they looked great. I then made the green blocks and pieced them together in the same formation that I had used for the red ones. WRONG!!!!! If I had spent a bit more time reading the instructions, I would have noticed that these alternating blocks were pieced in a different formation. I then decided “no problem, I will just make two quilts with opposite colors”. So, I re-made the green blocks and finished piecing the top…..it looked great.

Next up was to make the second top. Well, as I started looking at my fabric, I realized that I didn’t have enough of the green fabric to finish the second top!! So, I decided to nix the second top for the time being and put the extra blocks back in with the Christmas fabrics.

I struggled with quilting this piece as nothing seemed to look right, so I finally decided to just quilt a few straight lines with monofilament thread and call it finished. I gave this one to a friend as well.

I realized that I needed a small gift for yet another friend, so decided to take two of the extra blocks, add borders and turn them into potholders……thanks to Anita Heady for the idea of using leftover blocks to make pot holders!!!


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