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Quilting Day

I decided to spend much of today working on the machine quilting for the queen size quilt that my Mother and I are doing together.

I knew that I wanted to put some fairly detailed quilting in the large blank spaces, so decided to use Golden Threads Quilting Paper to mark the quilt. If you have never used this product, it is a fine paper that allows you to easily quilt a detailed pattern. This is the process that I use…..

Draw the design on the paper using a Sharpie and then pin it into place on the quilt.

Quilt along (or close to) the drawn lines

Tear the paper off.

If you are having trouble getting the paper off, you can use a seam ripper (or other pointy notion) to “cut” around the quilted lines.

This tears the paper further so that it comes out easily.

Here is the final result of some of my quilting using Golden Threads.

2 thoughts on “Quilting Day

  1. I’ve had a roll of Golden Threads for about 7 years and have never been brave enough to try it. Your tutorial made it look so easy! I’ll give it a try.

  2. Thanks for sharing about the Golden Threads quilting paper. Must source some of this locally – poor exchange rates an customs charges are making shopping abroad a no go at the moment.

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