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Finished Quilt (at least my part)

Firstly, I have just realized that I LOVE getting onto my blog at about 8:30 am and checking to see who has added to their posts. I love seeing the posts that were put on late in the evening when I was sleeping and then those from the early birds (like me) who post first thing in the morning. It is lovely to see our diversity!!!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a “commission” quilt that I was working on for my cousin. My mother (85 years old) had originally told my cousin that she would make this quilt for her, but I was asked to print the photos on the fabric. As I talked to my Mom, I realized that she was concerned about being able to finish it on time, so I offered to piece the top. When I finished the top, I called my Mom and asked her if she would like me to go ahead and quilt it for her. She said “yes Please” and then agreed to put the binding on. SO, I spent a Saturday and finished this quilt……

There is nothing particularly fancy about it, but I like the homey feel that it has and I hope that the quilt winner will enjoy the 50+ years of photos.

SO…..on to the post office to get it in the mail and off of my “To-Do” list.

Oh, one other comment…….I made this quilt (and the last one) solely from fabrics that were in my stash!!!!

2 thoughts on “Finished Quilt (at least my part)

  1. I have just spent a very pleasent hour or so reading about your adventures here in the UK, also suspect that your photo of the narrow gap in the wall is the entrance to the field that we use for motocycle rallies near Asygarth not far from hawes etc 🙂

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