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Success is SWEET!!!

Click on the photo for a larger picture that shows the quilting better.

I am so excited to report that the blue lines all came out and that the quilt is now finished!!!!

After the first soaking in water, the lines were still showing in the outer border. This was because I didn’t just follow the lines when quilting that part, but did a “Greek Key” design using the lines as a placement guide, so many of the actual lines were not quilted on.

SO, I used an ENTIRE bottle of “Shout” and heavily sprayed the outside border and let it sit for about 2 hours. I then filled the bath up with water again, adding Oxi-Clean and clothes soap. The quilt soaked in this solution for about 18 hours.

Then yesterday, I put the quilt in the washer and rinsed it a few times and then dried it in a HOT dryer.

I am so pleased with how it turned out and also with the quilting. I will NEVER be afraid to quilt a big quilt on my sewing machine again!!!

Thanks for reading and for the well wishes that the lines would disappear.

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