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Our son, Brian, graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2007.  The school newspaper just published an article about him and the work that he is now doing.    Here is the text of the article……


When most people think of the music and entertainment industry, they think of actors and musicians. Not many people acknowledge the music and sounds in the background of commercials. Television ads depend on these sounds and music to sell their product, so they turn to experts like University graduate Brian Arnold at Hummingbird Productions, an advertising music house based out of Nashville.
“I met a producer, Buddy Blackman, and ended up playing drums with him in a few bands,” Arnold said. “He knew the owner of Hummingbird and…set up a meeting for me with the owner. About a year later I got a job upon graduation.”
Arnold graduated in 2008 with degrees in theatre and film studies and sound design. Since leaving UGA, Arnold has not only risen to the top of his field at Hummingbird as chief operations officer but he has also created his own advertising music website called Tweexmusic.com. “Tweex began [in 2003] as a way for me to release creative energy,” Arnold said. “I started to create clientele and I had repeat customers so it took off from there.” At Tweex and Hummingbird, Arnold composes music, works with sound design and creates sonic brands for customers and corporations.
Arnold composes the music in the background of ads. Sound design refers to designing a musical slogan, such as the “ba da da da da I’m lovin’ it” of McDonald’s ads.
He comes from a musical background, beginning with piano lessons from his mother.”I was in my middle school band,” he said. “Then I started playing acoustic guitar, drums, bass, piano, really anything I needed to.”
At Hummingbird, Arnold works directly with clients to find what they are looking for.”[We] start to create the beginning ideas for the client with writers, including myself and several others,” he said. “Then I present the client with our ideas and demos and they pick which one they like the best. Then we get back together and do the master and get the finalized product for the client.”
Having already worked with names like Nike, Sprint, Coca-Cola and Corona, Arnold looks to the future modestly with high hopes.
“The music industry is so big and diverse, and I have only experienced a small part of it,” Arnold said. “I hope to begin working with sound design for film, TV shows, [and maybe] videogames.”

If you happen to be flying on Delta or Air Jamaica, you can hear his music behind the “Duty Free” in-flight video.  He has also just contracted with AirTran to do music for some of their videos, but I am not sure which ones. 

Anyway….thanks for reading the ramblings of a VERY PROUD MOM!!!!

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  1. Thanks Maggi. One of my favorite memories was playing in bands with him at Church. He will still call and ask me to listen to a piece of music and give my suggestions….that makes me feel wonderful!!!

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