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Digital Photography Class

This is just a quick post to let you kn0w about an Online Digital Photography class that is going on FOR FREE!!!

The actual class can only hold 1000 visitors, so they are posting a video of the class for 1 week following the class day and ANYONE can check it out.

The class yesterday was chock full of information about digital cameras, from sensors, ISO’s, Hystograms (I now know what those are!!), shutter speeds, basic camera settings and lots of other stuff.

The video will be posted until next Wednesday, so check it out at http://creativetechs.com/training/digital-photography-wk-2/

I am also in a 6 MONTH class on using Photoshop and the video should be posted sometime today after the class period. I dont have the actual link, but if you go to http://creativetechs.com/training I imagine that there will be link information.

This company is also starting a 10 week class on Dream Weaver in the next week or so.

I am VERY impressed with their presentations and hope that you will check it out.

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