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Last night I finished the last of my major teaching duties and am greatly looking forward to cleaning out my studio this morning and getting organized for a new project….. probably a quilt for a friend’s wedding coming up in December.

But, last night, after the Trapunto class had ended, one of the participants pointed out a book in the Quilt Shop and asked if I had seen it before.    It is called “Sophisticated Stitches” by Don Linn and is a collection of really cool quilting designs.

Linn Book

These designs are not the classic feathers, wreaths and other standard patterns, but are wonderful contemporary designs.  You could make a beautiful Whole-cloth quilt just using the designs here….who knows, I might just do that!!

Here is a scan of one of his ideas……

 Linn ScanThe designs could be used for quilting, applique, or embroidery, and would be wonderful worked as a trapunto pattern!!!

There are 66 quilt patterns in the book, with ideas for how to combine them to make other designs.  I am looking forward to spending some time with this book and see what transpires.

Have a good (and quilty) weekend.





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