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A New Start

On Saturday my husband hurt his back, so we were not able to attend the local university football game.  Instead, I spent the time watching the game on TV and going thru all of my Fons and Porter magazines, with the idea of ridding myself of them. 

However, one of the perks of looking thru them all was that I found a design that I wanted to use for an upcoming wedding present.  It is a simple modified four patch and I thought that it would be great using two packs of Bali Pops that I had purchased a few months ago.  I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern so that I could use the pre-cut 2-1/2 strips.

Yesterday afternoon I spent about 3 hours working in my studio and am pleased with the initial look of the quilt……

_B163253The final version will be 6 blocks wide and 8 blocks long and a few of the pieced blocks will probably merge into the border as well.  I showed it to the bride’s Mom and she thought it would be well liked.  After talking to her, I will probably try to introduce a bit more of the browns into the quilt.

Now for my rant…..the Bali Pops are beautiful fabrics, but they are NOT cut accurately.  Several of them have areas in the strip that are only 2-1/4 inches wide!! I am having to check each one as I go and compensate for those that are too narrow.    In my opinion, they are far too expensive to not be well cut.

Today, I am talking to a group of 3rd graders about quilts….should be fun!!!

Happy Quilting!!

2 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. The quilt is looking lovely. I agree with you about the way that fabric is cut. I am tired of buying fat quarters or other lengths where the cut is not straight and so you end up having to cut off a piece to straighten it up. It didn't happen when I started quilting – have shopkeepers just got sloppy? Now you see you've started me off on a rant!

  2. I could rant about Bali pops in general, but you've shown how useful they really are. This is looking very modern and sophisticated, and should be a popular gift.

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