Rust Flowers 2

Today I started on a second wall hanging using a rust dyed panel from my friend, Anita and her husband Bill.   I asked Bill to think about a vase of flowers when he did this dye and he came up with a bunch of  wonderful designs.    Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the piece before I started working on it.

As I started thinking about what to do on this quilt, I was looking at a crocheted doily that my Grandmother had made and I got an idea to include a doily for the flower vase to sit on.  I wanted to try it out first, so I got online and found a few photos that might work…..



This was one of my favorites and the perspective was pretty good as well so I traced out a basic design and started to practice.






I was pleased with the design and was amazed at how easy it was to do…….







My husband suggested that I might want to use blue instead of brown, but I decided to stay with the monochromatic theme.


I also decided to make the doily a little bit bigger.




The first step was to draw the basic outline of the doily on golden threads paper and sew around the outline.  I then filled in the “shell” designs with stitching.




Next step was to fill in the  first round….







…..the the next two rounds…..






Next I used the golden threads paper to draw the sunflowers and then I stitched around them to transfer the design to the fabric piece.






The final step for the day was to remove the Golden Threads paper.  One trick that I have learned is to use a lint roller to remove the little bits of paper that get stuck in the stitching.



Hopefully I can get more time in the next day or so to work on this… has been a blast so far!!!!

A New Start

On Saturday my husband hurt his back, so we were not able to attend the local university football game.  Instead, I spent the time watching the game on TV and going thru all of my Fons and Porter magazines, with the idea of ridding myself of them. 

However, one of the perks of looking thru them all was that I found a design that I wanted to use for an upcoming wedding present.  It is a simple modified four patch and I thought that it would be great using two packs of Bali Pops that I had purchased a few months ago.  I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern so that I could use the pre-cut 2-1/2 strips.

Yesterday afternoon I spent about 3 hours working in my studio and am pleased with the initial look of the quilt……

_B163253The final version will be 6 blocks wide and 8 blocks long and a few of the pieced blocks will probably merge into the border as well.  I showed it to the bride’s Mom and she thought it would be well liked.  After talking to her, I will probably try to introduce a bit more of the browns into the quilt.

Now for my rant…..the Bali Pops are beautiful fabrics, but they are NOT cut accurately.  Several of them have areas in the strip that are only 2-1/4 inches wide!! I am having to check each one as I go and compensate for those that are too narrow.    In my opinion, they are far too expensive to not be well cut.

Today, I am talking to a group of 3rd graders about quilts….should be fun!!!

Happy Quilting!!

One Thing Leads to Another

Today, I went into my studio to do a bit of cleaning up before I started working on the backing fabric for the string pieced wallhanging. I got everything cleaned up and then started looking for the backing fabric. I opened a box of UFO’s to see if there was anything that I could use and out popped this forgotten bag of bits……

_9132506 (2)

These were the leftovers from the Mother-Daughter Flower Garden quilt that I made last year. …..

Final version

I had tried several different setting blocks and border blocks before I decided on the final version and this is a bag of all of the bits that weren’t used.

There are 14 finished blocks (along with the bits for 1-1/2 more)……

_9132508 (3) _9132508 (2)

These blocks will finish at 9 inches.

In addition, there are the following…..

_9132511 (2)

38 Half square triangles that will finish at 2 inches

_9132514 (2)

62 Half square triangles that will finish at 1 inch.

_9132512 (2)

6 Corner units

_9132510 (2)

and 14 of these un-named units,

and a mass of other shapes and sizes of fabrics.

NOW, the question is “what will I do with all of this???” I already have a name for the quilt….. “Cuttings from the Garden”. I may ask my Mom to make one more flower block for it, but that is yet to be decided.

Needless to say, I ended up working on this and forgetting about the backing fabric that I was looking for…..oh well, there is always another day.