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Rust Flowers 2

Today I started on a second wall hanging using a rust dyed panel from my friend, Anita and her husband Bill.   I asked Bill to think about a vase of flowers when he did this dye and he came up with a bunch of  wonderful designs.    Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the piece before I started working on it.

As I started thinking about what to do on this quilt, I was looking at a crocheted doily that my Grandmother had made and I got an idea to include a doily for the flower vase to sit on.  I wanted to try it out first, so I got online and found a few photos that might work…..



This was one of my favorites and the perspective was pretty good as well so I traced out a basic design and started to practice.






I was pleased with the design and was amazed at how easy it was to do…….







My husband suggested that I might want to use blue instead of brown, but I decided to stay with the monochromatic theme.


I also decided to make the doily a little bit bigger.




The first step was to draw the basic outline of the doily on golden threads paper and sew around the outline.  I then filled in the “shell” designs with stitching.




Next step was to fill in the  first round….







…..the the next two rounds…..






Next I used the golden threads paper to draw the sunflowers and then I stitched around them to transfer the design to the fabric piece.






The final step for the day was to remove the Golden Threads paper.  One trick that I have learned is to use a lint roller to remove the little bits of paper that get stuck in the stitching.



Hopefully I can get more time in the next day or so to work on this…..it has been a blast so far!!!!

4 thoughts on “Rust Flowers 2

  1. This is very interesting. I love the way you've combined the stitching and the rust design. I've hated working with that paper. Maybe a lint roller would help.

  2. Frances,That is really cool! I love the rusty dye and the doiley together. I hope to make it to another guild meeting soon, I was busy this month and am out of town for Februay's meeting. Hopefully I will make it in March.Take Care,Jennifer

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