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Post Christmas

Well it is 8:30 on Christmas evening and here I sit reflecting on a glorious two days of fun.  Come and reminisce with me…..


Christmas Eve began with an announcement that our son Brian was ENGAGED to lovely Amber!!!!

We are SO excited for them!!!!







Our first full family photo!!!!





Santa Kida



Christmas always begins with the “Kids in the Santa Hat”  photos



Santa Marley


“Santa Marley” got into the act as well








Hubby, Michael, with one of the MANY books that he received….we are honestly going to have to  build more bookshelves!!






Me, holding up a piece of stained glass art that will go in the window in front of my sewing machine….great inspiration!!






Son, Brian, enjoys the day.




J likes Stockings


   Daughter, Jenny, LOVES what Santa left  in her stocking





Now that the day is over, I am ready to get the decorating down and try to find some sewing time between now and January 4th.  At that point, the sewing will have to take a back seat to Income Tax Time!!!!

I hope that your day was merry and bright and filled with fun!!!!

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