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Keeping Amber Warm

This year it was a rush to finish a queen size quilt to be given to my Son’s girlfriend….Amber.  It was VERY exciting that they announced their engagement  just a few hours before she opened the gift!!!!




Here she is opening the bag…..can you see her behind all of the paper???






Her first words were….”OHH it’s teal!!”





Here is the finished quilt……


I had intended to do a lot of fancy quilting on this, but ran out of time and ended up just quilting it with lots of straight lines (using the walking foot).    In the end, I kind of like this simplicity!!

If you remember several months ago, I posted about the backing to this quilt.  I originally tried using 10 inch squares of miscellaneous fabrics, but it really looked BAD!!!  So, I decided to dig thru scraps and other fabrics and re-make the back.  One of my friends saw this side first and thought that it was the actual quilt…..it is kind of fun!!!


The binding used scrap strips that I had cut earlier this year, so I managed to make the entire quilt WITHOUT having to buy any fabrics!!!!!

It was fun to think about Amber while I was making this quilt and I am thrilled that she was excited to receive it!!

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