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Am I Blue????

On Sunday, Michael and I decided to have a day at home to relax, so immediately my mind went to quilting!!!!   My local guild has recently set a challenge called “Am I  Blue”.  The quilt is to have something to do with the word BLUE!!!

My idea for this quilt came from a British Comedy that my husband and I love to watch….”As Time Goes By”.   There is a print on the wall by their front door that has always grabbed my imagination and I have decided to turn it into my “Blue” quilt. 

Here are a few sneak peaks of what I have done so far……


I have never made a collaged background before and it was lots of fun to do.  I started with a VERY lightweight fusible interfacing and began placing odd shapes of fabric on top.  When I was happy with the look, I ironed them in place and then thread-worked over the top.  I tried a bit of stenciling as well, but some of the fabric really soaked up the paint.  I may add additional fabrics over the top of this area and re-do it.


Now to add a focus to the front…..can you figure out what it will be….

_4185038 _4185036 _4185037

4 thoughts on “Am I Blue????

  1. Ooh, you are a tease! I cannot even begin to guess what the focus is though. I do remember the TV series, from the 80's if I remember correctly….

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