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Leaving Home


Well, two of the baby birds have flown the coop….so to speak.

The first one flew off yesterday, while I was standing on the porch.  He flew into a nearby tree and we were able to get a few photos of his first perch.

Here is the first place that he landed….you can see him in the crook of the middle branches……_6215702

He then proceeded to fly/walk up the branch to a new perch……

_6215703The Dad showed up and talked to the baby and followed him from tree to tree.  We were concerned because this was NOT the oldest bird and may not have been quite ready to fledge, but we were encouraged by the care that Dad showed for him!!!

THEN, this morning I set up the camera, and lo and behold, one of them left while I was filming.

If you are watching the video, you will notice that the camera sways slightly about 15 seconds into it.  This is because Dad lands on the tripod bar and starts chirping to the baby.    When you see the flowers on the right move, he flies to the top of the wreath and then you can hear him fly away from the nest.

At this point the Baby bird looks like he is trying to get up his courage!!!  He does a bit of scratching ( displacement activity!!), looks over the edge a couple of times, takes a deep breath and off he goes!!!!!


The other two are still in the nest.  We are hoping that they fly away this afternoon as we have roofers coming to our house EARLY in the morning.  We have put them off for over a week  hoping that the birds would be gone, but we cant afford to wait any longer.

4 thoughts on “Leaving Home

  1. Hi FrancisI LOVED your video.Their darling nest surrounded by a pretty wreath. How clever of you to film them!This is my first visit.I would love you to come and visit me and I'll get my pretty teacups out and make you very welcome!

  2. So cute! They look like birds now, instead of balls of fluff! The 2 left in the nest look almost confused…like “what'd we do now?”

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