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Charity Quilts

The charity group of our  guild has agreed to make quilts for the local Senior Center.  They have a brand new, gorgeous building, but the dining room has vaulted ceilings and is almost entirely white…..can you say boring and echo-ey!!!

We are planning to make six or seven quilts, each measuring 60-65 inches square.  We had been putting back tops that might work and I had been given the chore of figuring out how to make them all fit together.  After staring at them for DAYS, I decided that it was an impossible task and so I started over. 

I first looked for border fabrics, trying to pick floral prints that might go together.  I then added fabrics for the inner borders and built the quilts around the borders.

These were the original sets of border fabrics, however I had to make a few changes as it went on because there wasn’t enough of a couple of the fabrics……

_6065589I moved to the computer and used EQ5 to design traditional  blocks for the quilts.  I pieced the first one myself to see who they were going to look……

_6195664 I am not super fond of the inner border and may change it, but everyone said that we should just leave it for now and see how it looks when all of the quilts are finished. 

After making the first top, I put together 5 kits and various guild members are going to take the kit and finish a top.  I warned them all to try the inner border before sewing it on just in case I have made another boo-boo.  I found that it was really hard to select that particular border without actually seeing the quilt top first.

Here is the result of my efforts……



I cant wait to see the finished tops!!!!!

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