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Books Number 4 and 5 ….only 3 more to go


This week I have been able to continue working on the covered books.

The first one started with a piece of fabric that I used to soak up excess dyes.  I really liked the mottled pastel color and  added the four borders.



Next step was to fuse the design and add some threadwork…..


Here is the finished product……._7035911

The next book started  by going through a box of orphan blocks (those that were made but not used in a project).  I found a small hand painted design that I have NO idea where it came from.

I started by adding yellow borders and was just going to put another border around the edge.  Then I thought  BORING!!!!!!  so, I started angling the strips instead…..

 _7045912 Every so often, I would place a cut out design that is the same size as the book cover it to see how it was looking. 


Here is the finished product……_7045916

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