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How about a little weedin!!


We have had wonderful rains this spring and summer and all of the flowers and foliage have been beautiful.

HOWEVER, it has also meant that the weeds are completely out of control.  I always have these wonderful ideas that I will spend one day every 2 weeks and weed beds, but there are always other, more fun things to do.  Plus, if I spend an entire day in the yard I am so sore and tired that I dont ever want to do it again.

So, last week I had the brilliant idea to try to work for 15 to 20 minutes each morning (at least Monday thru Friday).  So, each morning I go to the gym, and before I even walk back in the door, I grab my gloves and trowel and head to the flower beds.

So far it has worked great….the flower beds are already looking better and, for some reason, it seems to energize my day and help me to get a lot more accomplished each day!!!! 

So, I guess the motto for the summer needs to be….”weed first, then play”!!

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