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2010 – The Year In Review

new_year_2010 I love the last day of the year, especially with all of the hope for the new, upcoming year. 

I also enjoy looking back at the year and boy has this been a year!!!!!

During 2010, we enjoyed two, 10 day trips to Kunming China, 7 wonderful weeks in Italy, 2 trips to Louisiana for my husband’s field work , the marriage of our son, Brian to a wonderful woman, Amber, and our daughter, Jenny,  moving to Atlanta to work on a Master’s degree…….WHEW!!!!!

My craft time has been limited this year, but it was fun to look back and realize that I did accomplish a few things.

….”Waves ala Particles”…..a contrast challenge

…..”Terra Cotta Flowers”…. using a rust dyed fabric

…..”As Blue Goes By” ……a blue challenge quilt

…..”Blew Two”……..the second blue challenge quilt.

…..”Hot Espresso, Cool Gelato” ……the Hot/Cold challenge

…..”Christmas Lap Quilt”…..finally finished after 15 years

…..”Read to Rover”…..the last quilt made for the year

…..thank goodness for challenges or I might not have finished anything!!!!

I worked to help prepare 5 quilts that will be hung at the local Senior Center, and worked on two other charity quilts.

I also made 5 covered books which were given as gifts in Italy, and made and mailed my first quilted postcard.

I attended workshops taught by Margaret Hunt and learned to use Water Soluble Pastels.  I put this technique into use in two mini, mini quilts.

I only taught two quilting workshops, but truly enjoyed the interactions with the ladies in my classes.

OK…..so maybe I did get quite a bit of quilting time!!!!

What are my plans for 2011……those are for another day…..today is just one for reflection……

SO, BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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