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Power Piecing

Back before New Year’s I started a scrap quilt using a “Split Nine Patch” design from Bonnie Hunter (check out her blog here).    In her description of the block she talked about a standard Split Nine Patch that looks like this……


She thought that this was a bit boring, so she turned the Half-square triangle around so that it looks like this……

2nd This makes for a MUCH  more exciting block!!!!


ANYWAY, I had been piecing on these blocks, intending to make a Queen size quilt from them.

But then an opportunity arose….. our Guild Charity Bee provides quilts to the two local Relay for Life programs each year.  They use these quilts to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Well, this year we were running a bit late in the planning and execution of these two quilts, so I offered to use my blocks and make two tops.

SO, this past week I spent many hours sewing “as fast as the wind” to get these finished by this week.  When I am in this mode, I have termed it “Power Piecing”….you dont think, you dont plan, you just sew and iron!!!!!

Here are the two tops…..




Now someone else will add borders, our wonderful friend, Ellen will quilt them and they will hopefully be ready to deliver by the first of February.

My hope is that they raise TONS of money for cancer research!!!!

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  1. Arlington Square is my favorite from the Nickel Quilts book. It looks very nice and that simple border is lovely. There’s already plenty going on in the quilt.

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