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Getting ready to create


Sometimes it seems that it takes me longer to get ready to create than it does to actually create.

For instance, on Saturday I wanted to do some work on a  project that I am working on.  Unfortunately, when I entered my studio it looked like this…..

_2211662 The first step was to clean things up again, so I…..

– picked up the bits of fused fabric, clips of paper and general trash

–  emptied the trash can

– moved the stray pins to the pincushion

– moved the scissors and rotary cutters into their proper drawer

– moved the rulers back onto the wall

– put all of the loose thread spools back into their boxes

– moved all of the fabric boxes back onto the shelf.


FINALLY…onto the creating (which I cant show right now), but here is a sneak peak


_2221667 _2221666

SO…..after 2 hours of working in here, this is what it looks like now……


This obviously begs the question of “why did I bother to clean it in the first place????”

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