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February’s Quilt

Every so often I like to show the quilt that is currently hanging in my entryway.   Most Februarys I use a quilt that my mother made many years ago, but this year I decided to dig a bit deeper and see what I could find, and this is what showed up…..


This quilt was a result of a color challenge for my guild in June of 2000.   We each picked an envelope that had a poem about one color and, as you can see my color was


At the time my son was really into op-art designs so this one just captured my imagination.  It was relatively easy to do as I followed a pattern.  My addition to the quilt was the outside border that used leftovers from my center piece.

When I got ready to make the back, I was out of time and didn’t have one piece of fabric that was big enough, so I started throwing together two  fabrics, sewing them together, cutting them apart again and then re-sewing.  _2221669

What I discovered is that this is not as easy as it appears!!!  Although I do like the way it turned out!!

My final step was picking a name……. “I’m Seeing Red” seemed appropriate.

This was one of the first quilts that was every judged in a show and I laughed  when I read her comment that “there was too much movement with no place for the eye to rest”.  What I wanted to shout was….”OF COURSE THERE IS MOVEMENT…..it is a Op-Art Quilt!!!!

One thought on “February’s Quilt

  1. This is a great quilt!Lame-brain judge's comments like the one you quoted are the sort of thing that turn people off of having their quilts judged. It's good you could laugh.

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