Flowers up close……

Here are some up close photos of  three of the flowers that were used for our chairmen gifts..



This was one of the easier of the flowers.  I fused the fabrics onto felt and then started adding thread embroidery.  The cool thing was that the more I sewed, the more the flower bent upward, making a wonderful 3-D shape.  After the fact I decided that it needed a little bling so I added some light pink beads to the center.  I did forget that the back could be seen and  used a white thread on a pink/purple felt so the stitching looked horrible.  I fixed this by taking a fabric marker and coloring the thread to make it less noticeable.


This flower was one of the last ones that I made (as time was running low) so it had to be SUPER easy.   I simply fused two fabrics together for each layer, cut out a circle, divided it into “rays” and made simple cuts to separate out the petals.  For the orange layer, I rounded the corners a bit.  The center is simply a yo-yo with a bit of batting inserted.  I started to neatly applique the center to the flower, but then decided to do it roughly to add even more texture.

 _3081960 This was a design that I found online and I found that it was really easy to make.  I sewed circles comprised of two colors of fabrics, right sides together.  I then cut a small slit in the back of each petal and turned the fabrics right side out.  The individual petals were made by folding a small amount of the circle up so that it formed a triangle.   The hardest part of this flower was sewing all of the petals together at the center, as I couldn’t make my stitching be a round circle….note the lopsided center of the flower….made that way to cover my less than perfect stitching!!!

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