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More flowers up close

These next two flowers were sort of made up as I went.

_3081962 I LOVE Sunflowers and knew that I wanted some sort of a sunflower/daisy flower to be a part of the thank you gifts.

This one was simple to make as I sewed petals (right sides together), cut a small slit in the back to turn the petal and then attached them to the quilt top.  The center is basically an upside down yo-yo with some stuffing added.

_3081959For this piece, the stem was short so I was trying to think of designs that would stand upward.  I found some flower line drawings that someone had given to my kids MANY years ago and saw a design that looked like this flower.

Once again, I simply sewed the petals, turned them right side out and stitched them together with the flower base.

Unfortunately, my fabric choices did not show up well on the background, so I added the fused orange border to better show off the colors.   For this piece, I didn’t do a good job of placing the slits used for turning the petals, so they are sewn onto the background using a few beads.  That way, you cant look at the back of the petal and see the holes.

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