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The last part of a great day

As a blogger, I LOVE days that provide a lot of “fodder” for future posts.  Today was such a day.

It started out with Michael and I driving to Atlanta and visiting the quilt show at  historic Bulloch Hall…..more about that later this week.

We then drove to our favorite Barnes and Noble in Buckhead and spent 3+ hours relaxing and reading….my choice was to check out all of the new quilting magazines…..more to come about the things I learned.

The final part of the day was meeting our Son (Brian), his wife (Amber) and our Daughter (Jenny) at a wonderful Brazilian restaurant called  Fogo de Chão.    We had heard about this restaurant for years but hadn’t had a chance to visit.

The evening started with a traditional Brazilian drink called a Caipirinha.  It is made with cachaca (distilled from sugar cane), sugar and lime.  It had a wonderful, refreshing flavor and was cool looking as well……

IMG_0107 I particularly liked the thin sliced baby limes!!!!

Now, on to how this restaurant works.  First of all, there is a salad bar that has all sorts of salads, vegetables  and cheeses.  I was particularly fond of the Tabouli.

Then comes the fun part……when this disc is green side up…..

IMG_0113 …..here comes the meat……everything from sausages, chicken wings, roasted lamb, lamb chops, pork ribs, bottom sirloin, filet mignon and on and on and on and on…..you get the idea!!!

IMG_0112 It is flurry of activity as the servers flock to your table proffering wonderful food.  They slice it at your table, giving you small tongs to hold the meat while the servers are slicing it.

When your plate (or your mouth) is full, you turn the disc over and magically the meat servers go away…..


You just have to remember……green means go, red means no!!!

After we had ingested as much red meat as we could stand, we of course had to have desert.  Here is Jenny’s interpretation of how we all felt  (but still room for more)…..


The deserts were all magnificent and this particular restaurant gets an A+ for presentation…..


It was a wonderful evening out with our kids and a fun memory for the future….


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