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First part of a fun day…..

As I said in yesterday’s post, my husband and I spent a wonderful day in Atlanta.  The first stop was the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show!!!


This is Bulloch Hall……it was built by Major James Bulloch in 1840 for his wife, Martha and their six children.  In 1853, their daughter, Mittie, married Mr. Theodore Roosevelt.  Their son, Theodore became our 26th president.

The house is beautiful and the quilts are displayed in unique, wonderful way_3182005

The first room exhibited the guild’s “Vintage Revisited” challenge.  Each participant was given a vintage block that they could play with.  They could add to it, cut it up, embellish it, recreate it or whatever they could think of.  Here are a few of the results….

_3181993  _3181994

I particularly liked how this woman included her bit of the block….

_3181992I never figured out exactly where the block was, but I REALLY liked this quilt…_3181995Then I enlarged the photo and read the information attached at the bottom.  It gave the quilter’s name as Cyndi Souder and told her blog address….check it out here……    As I looked at her blog, I found out that the tire treads were cut out of the vintage block.  The post relating to this quilt is on December 2nd.

I enjoyed this setting of quilts……

_3182013 ……especially the one on the middle of the wall.

_3182015The quilter’s name is Ben Hollingsworth and it is called“Show Me The Way To Go Home”….the idea is getting from the pub to the house by following the Drunkard’s Path…..cute!!

Here is the attic gallery….another fun display room!!!!

_3182028  My sweet husband wandered around with me the first time through.  I found it funny that I was only looking at the quilts, while he was enjoying the house and furniture…..to each his own.  When I started back thru it again, he wandered the garden areas and enjoyed the warm spring air.  This is where I found him as I left the house…….

_3182034 ……not a bad idea!!!!

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