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Fiber Frenzy – Thread painting tutorial


Mary Ann M. (check out her blog here) gave a short demonstration for how to work a piece with thread painting.

Specifically, she talked about how to make embroidered pieces and then cut them out and applique them to our quilts. 

The first pieces that she showed were sewn on tulle that was sandwiched between two pieces of Solvy.  When the Solvy is soaked out, the tulle holds the stitching in place…..

_4082249This top one uses a straight stitch making small overlapping circles, while this one was stitched with a free-motion zig-zag stitch.


She then showed us some of the wonderful pieces that she has been doing some thread sketching on…..


I absolutely love this piece…..but you know how I am about sunflowers!!!_4082251  She suggested several books for us to look at……

  –  “Thread Magic” by Ellen Anne Eddy

  –  “Thread Painting Made Easy” by Terry White

  –  “Threadwork” by Effie Mitrofanis

She also mentioned Laughing Cat Design Studio blog where there is a wonderful tutorial for doing thread work.

Thanks Mary Ann for inspiring us to try something new…..

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