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Fiber Frenzy – Going Green

At the Fiber Frenzy group on Friday, we all shared our “Going Green” challenges.  The were wonderful!!!!!

Sue T. made this wonderful piece using recycled men’s ties.  I love the texture that she was able to achieve and we all laughed about the tie with the houses on it.  It was the perfect addition to her piece……


Shirley E. made two challenge pieces.  This first one was a reminder that we have to be careful with the way we treat our water……._4082245

The water was made with layers of organza and netting.

Her second one was a reminder of the railroad tie garden that she has.  She fills it up with all of the compost bits from her kitchen and then grows wonderful vegetables ……_4082241I particularly liked the 3-dimensional garden with her quilting “scraps” on one end and the plants growing on the other……_4082242  Mary Ann M. showed her jalapenos.  She is not happy with it because she thinks that they look too much like pickles, but pickles ARE green…._4082232

Jodie S. showed her piece featuring a 3-dimensional lunch bag filled with painted vegies.  She used Inktense pencils to draw and color the vegetables……_4082233 

Madeline H. didn’t get hers translated to fabric, but showed us her plan. …..GO NOTRE DAME!!!!_4082239

Here they are all together……

_4082244Isn’t it amazing how two simple words can take our minds in such different directions!!!!

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