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Charity Donation Quilt

Today I have been working on a donation quilt that our guild is giving to a local organization.  They will raffle it off to raise money for their work.

We ask our guild members to make parts of the blocks and try to stay with pieces that can be made too big and then cut down to size.  We have found that 4 patches and half-square triangle squares work the best for this process.

For this quilt, we didn’t set a color way and instead just went for “all-out scraps”.

I was worried that there were too many colors in the pieces, but as you can see the pattern carries the diverse colors……

DSC00497  and it actually looks better in person….the camera doesn’t give it much depth of field.  In person you really see the squares formed by the triangles…..

So we just have to add borders, get it quilted and  send it off to Interfaith Hospitality!!!!

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