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Sewing again….finally

Well, it has been quite a while since I have either had time to quilt or had the desire to quilt!!!   I have definitely been in the doldrums when it comes to being creative!!

As a result, I have a large stack of partially finished projects that I should really be working on…..


So when I finally found that the mood was on me, what did I do……started another project!!!

I had visited with our guild Charity Bee this past Wednesday and was handed some scraps of a cute “Rubber Ducky” fabric, and it got my creative juices to working.

I first picked out a few coordinating fabrics….


And then set out to add strips to each of the rectangles to form a large block….


….the next step was to cut out the blocks, setting each at a slight angle.  In order to get them all the same, I cut the first one and then put masking tape on top of the ruler…..


When I had the top together I showed it to my husband, telling him that I needed to figure out a way to make it larger…….


His first words were  “why don’t you put it at an angle”.    A PERFECT idea.   I first added a small border and then found the perfect green fabric to make the border from.  Fortunately, there was JUST enough to cut two wide strips and then cut the angled pieces….


The final top is so cute and was just what I needed for a quick Saturday afternoon project…..

The top will now be given to the charity group to be quilted and given to a needy child!!!

Maybe this will be the piece that primes the pump…..we will see!!!!

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