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Keeping Mom busy –part 1…

As I have mentioned before, my Mom is 87 years old and has been quilting since she was 13!!  She still enjoys doing hand work, but finds the planning and piecing a bit hard to do.

When I was visiting back in October, I found a “block of the month” quilt that she had started a long time ago.  She had appliqued three cute blocks but then had lost interest.   I told her how cute I thought they were and encouraged her to finish them up.  Well, a month later I received a package containing the following…..

DSC01410 DSC01411 DSC01412 DSC01413 DSC01414 DSC01415

So now I have yet another UFO!!!!   I will start trying to come up with a quick, but effective method of turning these into a cute quilt!!!!

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