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Jungle Growth

Today I was able to spend the entire afternoon in my studio working on my Rainforest quilt.

At the last post, I had added a bunch of plants but really didn’t like the way that the right side looked…..it needed something else!!

I stood there for a long time, staring at the design wall and trying to figure out what it needed.   I got the idea to head to the Internet and do some more searching and found these two pictures….


Seeing these made me realize that I wanted to add some spiky fern-ish leaves to the whole thing.   I removed most of the plants on the right side of the quilt and started building ferns…..


I have done much of this piece using raw edge applique, placing the pieces on the backing using a spray mount.  But, I figured that these small pieces would be problematic, so I ended up putting a fusible on the back of the fabric before I started cutting.

I finally relaxed enough to enjoy free-form cutting these pieces.  I tend to be very “pattern” oriented so it was a stretch for me to free cut even these small bits..


After I had finished with the ferns, I placed the other plants over the top.  Here is the final look of the day…..


Since I was using a spray glue and didn’t want to spray it in my studio, I set up a spray area in my garage and kept walking back and forth with my pieces.  It was very hard to hold them once they had been sprayed and I finally thought of placing them on a piece of paper, placing the paper on my spray mat and then carrying the fabric back to my studio while still on the paper.  It was MUCH easier this way…..DSC01876


Now if any of you remember the reason for this challenge….it is a complementary color challenge, and you might well be thinking “shouldn’t there be another color”.    That’s up next….stay tuned….

One thought on “Jungle Growth

  1. It looked great before but those spiky ferns have really added a touch of drama to it. Just pondering on what you might use to add the red. where the red is going to go

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